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Warmth & True Support For Needed People

Sevadharam Patient Care society (regd.) is a Faridabad (Haryana) based organization working in the field of Patient care. It was established in the year 2008. Mrs. Anita Vajpayee is the President of the organization with 25 years of experience in the in medical service. and Mr. Awadhesh Kumar Bajpai is the Secretary of the organization with 15 years of experience in the in medical service. He has been the inspiriting figure behind the selfless services render to the patients. We as a team work collectively and make our customers feel at home. We ensure extreme comfort and quality medical care to be provided to our patients from children to old age parents.

Helpless Program

A Home For Helpless
Welcome to Sevadhram Social Trust

Our Mission & Vision

Years Service
1.Always think about physical helpless and old age, for caring and serving them. 2.Save and develop life of physical helpless old age and orphan
3.Our Society wants to provide the safe health and freedom life to the old age & patients.
4.Our old age want to provide the golden opportunity for jobless in the field of medical health care.
5.Our NGO mission trips provide hope to millions of orphans who have already lost so much and help prevent at risk children from losing the little they have

Sheetal Jal

Cold Water (Pyaoo) Water is life. Who does not know the real role of water? Water is really very useful and necessary for all living beings including us humans.

Donate Medicines

We all know very well that even today many people go away because they do not get medicines on time, this is the harshest reason.

Raise Fund To Save Water

Our Sevadharam organization, water to the thirsty, food to the hungry, this ultimate service is continuously working in the Faridabad region.

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